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Tripartiete agreement

If you want to do business at the EEX agricultural futures market in Leipzig you need to sign a tripartite agreement. This is a trade agreement between the customer, BinckBank and De Vries & Westermann BV. For businesses, a copy of the statutes of  a recent (max. 3 months old) excerpt of CoC is required. For a partnership, a copy of the partnership contract is to be send. We also need a copy of the driver's license or passport of the person authorized signatory in the BV, VOF or partnership. You should also have a separate agreement with De Vries & Westerman Ltd to sign the so-called client agreement.

BinckBank account

If the returned signed agreements are received, BinckBank will open an account for you. Your customer number and your account number are equal.
From the monent money is deposited into your account, you are able tot conduct business. It is important that the first payment comes from a bank account with the same description as the account opened.

Stocks account

We will take care of your stocks account at Binck Bank.